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1263402208_top10-female-sex-fantasies_10.jpgIt might as well be a dangerous trap! Reportedly, as singer Kavitha Krishnamurthy's domestic aid accuses her violinist husband, L Subramaniam of rape, the debate of the moment is, can a maid be sexy enough for a man in power to jeopordise everything for a moment of fun.

Maybe not. While the case is still being investigated by the Bangalore police as only a day ago the famed musician had filed a complaint against the maid for stealing money from his home, we are grimly reminded of the year-old maid rape case actor Shiney Ahuja was accused of sometime back.

For the repressed Indian male, a maid can be an inviting prospect... "The image is of a harmless woman, who men feel like overpowering. It's like unleashing their beastly side which they know will not be tolerated by their wives or girlfriends. And, if you observe a maid at work, with ample cleavage on display as she bends to do her work, a man can get enticed," says relationship expert Rajinder Bajwa.

Sociologist Reeta Brara believes that getting physically attracted to the domestic help is as old as time. "We still have a feudal mindset where a person working as domestic labour is treated as downtrodden, and is conveniently made to stretch her service by extending sexual favours to her lord," says she.

"A maid's swaying behind as she works is the first sexy thing most Indian men encounter within the home. Men can easily convince themselves that the motion is deliberate," says an expert.

But what happens to relationships after a woman realises her man's newfound fantasy? Most of them never see the light of day. Actress Pooja Bedi, who ousted then boyfriend Aditya Panscholi, says, "When I got to know that he had consensual sex with my maid, I was horrified. I just couldn't see any sense in it. But I knew that I couldn't tolerate infidelity. There is nothing more terrible. I immediately dumped him."

Adds line producer Samridhi Katyal, "If I ever found out my man's sexual inclination towards a maid, it would make me sick. But honestly, I have seen women around me carefully hiring their maids, because whether they admit it or not there is some anxiety associated with having a sexy maid roaming around your house. It makes one insecure."

In the past, many Hollywood stars have also been accused of sharing a 'special bond' with their housemaids. Take the case of Uma Thurman's husband Ethan Hawke who divorced the actress to be with their nanny. Actor Jude Law cheated on fiancé Sienna Miller by having an affair with the family's nanny. He reasoned it out by saying that he didn't like Sienna's partying ways. Even Hollywood's hottest couple could not stay unaffected by the nanny brigade. Angelina Jolie fired their kids' nanny because she caught actor Brad Pitt getting too close for comfort.

But what is it about maids that make even the most rich and powerful man weak in the knees? Mulls Brara, "For men, sexual encounters have a charm of their own as it is impulsive and done on a sly. He can get a call girl if he so wishes but that would make it premeditated, and not spur of the moment. However, I wouldn't say there is a set pattern to this."

In a much talked about episode of Desperate Housewives, Lynette fired her dream nanny just because her husband found her attractive. The movie No Entry had a similar scene where Lara Dutta, who plays an obsessed wife, fires her domestic help since she dresses provocatively and looks attractive.

A recent survey also revealed that men feel more attracted to average-looking women than sexy toned bodies. There's a nanny obsession online too. "The fact that there exists such content online proves that maids are considered an object of fantasy. It may also make a man feel that it's okay to be attracted to a domestic help," says PR manager Anand Mahesh.

"Men usually don't feel attracted to a maid because of her looks or charm. It could be that in a fast-paced lifestyle, a maid is someone who comes across as a woman who is non-threatening unlike other women surrounding the man," reasons psychologist Sandeep Vohra.

He adds, "Also, the fact that a domestic maid never raises her voice or snaps makes a man feel more in control." Often, it's just a simple question of availability. So, while these bonds are sure to court controversy, it's time we faced the truth that's stared at us for decades!

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Improve your Sex life


0,,6659360,00.jpgMost people think spontaneity is the key to better sex. They're wrong. Planning and preparation is what separates an orgasm from an orgasp! You can be spontaneous with food, for example, but not if you forgot to buy it.

Here's an example of P&P Sex (planning and preparation): Let's say you both had "fun with food" on your erotic wish lists. First, make a grocery list.

Buy food of every texture, smell and taste imaginable — soft, hard, chewy, salty, sweet, bitter. Best bets: maraschino cherries, Jell-O, strawberries, peppers, curly pasta (cooked, don't be cruel), grapes (seedless, don't be mean), eggs (boiled, don't be hateful), and olives (pitted, don't be heartless).

Yogurt, for example, can create a sensuous goo for two bodies to slide together. Champagne sipped from foreskin presents a decadent type of, ahem, stemware. Chilled fruit can cause quite a sensation when inserted into various orifices and withdrawn with a warm tongue.

Now that you've got the food, what do you do with it?

Head to the kitchen floor. You'll take turns, but let's start with him. Have your partner sit with his back to the wall. You can blindfold him, but it's more powerful if he simply closes his eyes and trusts you.

Now, feed him a piece of each food. But don't just feed; tease. Take a grape and tap it from the bridge of his nose to his lips before plopping it in his mouth. Let the syrup run on his chin before feeding him a spoonful of maraschino cherries. Encourage him to play with the food by licking his lips, sticking out his tongue and savoring the flavors.

Two rules for him: eyes shut and no hands. He's not allowed to touch you. The secret to making it sexy is to deprive him of some senses (touch and sight) while enhancing the others (smell and taste). The unpredictability of what you'll do next also creates a thrilling anticipation. You won't believe how sexy it is to hold a plastic bottle of honey, ask that he stick his tongue out and watch the honey ooze out and pool in his tongue.

Make sure you wash down the food with different liquids — milk, juice, water. For added effect, drink some wine, hold it in your mouth and squirt it into his.

Whether your sexual fantasy is about trying a roll or a role, do some basic prep work. For instance:

If you think you might throw your love onto the dining table in a moment of mad passion, you might weight test the platform once or twice and reinforce as required. Nothing shatters the mood like collapsing furniture — or picking splinters out of each other's asses.

Have lube ready at various stations, always within easy reach.

If you intend to play with something like handcuffs, stash keys in strategic places around the house.

Minimize potential interruptions. Clear your schedule. Turn the phones off. Don't order food for delivery. Don't answer the door unless it's the local fire brigade.

Plan for the afterglow. Some activities can be rather intense and your partner can feel a little silly or panicky afterward. Bring the mood down slowly and gently. Have a talk, a cuddle, a snack. And for God's sake, tip the delivery boy.

Now that we're at the end of our series, the secret to great sex is worth repeating: It's not what you do to me but where you take me. In other words: Free your mind. Your crotch will follow.


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