Why Women do not like Nice Guys

male-sweat-1.jpgMany guys try to be “nice” with the women of their dreams and end up being dejected. There is actually no point in chasing her around or buying her expensive gifts. Majority of men are clueless regarding how and when women feel that enviable emotion of attraction towards some men. Body language plays an important role in grabbing attention from women. From your physical cues, women generally estimate whether you deserve another glance or not. There are certain subtle tests, which are made by women constantly.

In most cases, it goes unnoticed by men as it occurs spontaneously as part of the conversation itself. It is found that more beautiful women do these tests frequently when compared to their less beautiful counterparts. Those guys who fail in spotting these tests and dealing them effectively become instant failures. Your behaviour to other women who pass by, casual references made about your women colleagues etc all form part of these tests.

Seeing things differently is what is most important. Never consider “nice” and “attraction” as two sides of the same coin. They are entirely unrelated. You also need to develop your observation skills. Even the slightest behavioural change from the part of your woman should not be missed. Of course, you do not have to let her know that you have noted it. But be sure that you have made suitable alterations from your part in order to keep her interest arrested for long. Always try to be yourself. Pretensions are sure to do more harm than good.

Women, whether they are college students or high professionals love to be flattered. But it is never a wise step to blindly coat them in flattery paint. If you genuinely feel something as “suiting” never ever hesitate in complimenting her. She certainly deserves a pat on her shoulder for any sensible act.

‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you’ are the two words that should be kept ready at your tongue tip to use whenever need arises.

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