7 Factors of an Ideal Relationship

soulsearchtofindlove.jpgThere are many factors that go into having an ideal relationship. This article will explore what it means to be "ideal" and how you can go about achieving that status in your relationship. Watch out, because the last point will surprise you!

1.) Let go of the past. What happened in past relationships is over. Your current man is not going to treat you like your last one did - don't expect it. And just because your last girlfriend walked out on you doesn't mean this one will. If you don't let go of the past, you are doomed to repeat it.

2.) Discover how you act in relationships. Are there patterns that you repeat in your relationships? Do you have certain expectations for yourself or your partner? For instance, do you expect your partner to meet all of your emotional needs thinking that you don't need an extended network of family and friends? When you start to catalog these issues, you may be able to get closer to finding the ideal relationship.

3.) Discover your needs. Make a list of what you need out of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Then, go about finding that person. If the factor is not on your list, ignore it or modify the list. Don't expect perfection, but look to get your basic romantic needs met.

4.) Define Your Boundaries. If you know what is acceptable and not acceptable in your relationships, you will be better able to find someone who can fill your needs. And, you need to be able to communicate these boundaries to your new partner so that he or she can honor them.

5.) Redefine how you socialize. Don't think that you can continue to go where you go and pick up a different kind of partner. A certain kind of woman goes to singles bars and another kind altogether goes to a Baptist church every Sunday. If you aren't finding the kind of partner you are looking for in the places you're currently going to look for dates, consider expanding your territory.

6.) Define new relationship patterns. This is a multi-step process that includes:

· Seeing people for what they are, and not what you want them to be.

· Recognize and understand why you are attracted to people

· Know what you need from your relationship.

· Be clear about what you consider an ideal relationship.

· Having a rich and satisfying social life - with or without a boyfriend or girlfriend.

7.) Realize that there is no "ideal relationship." I told you this one would surprise you. But, when you accept that people are people and there is no way around that, you will become satisfied with the "good" and not long for the "perfect.

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