What Men Like in Women?

happy_couple.gifWe fear them, we love them as we can...that's what we are...we are Men and we love women. We like many things in women that we don't have and we love them for that. It is commonly known that God first created the Men and then he felt that it looks so very empty and incomplete if the world would be only with men. Then he thought of creating women and was happy with his creation, but later he had been really worried with this kind of his creation. So it is the similar situation with the men. Neither they are happy with women nor can they ignore loving or liking them.

There are a number of things that attract men towards women. For men it is the very few things that are enough for them to fall in love with these women and they can be that the way women walk. Many women have a certain grace and smoothness to the way they move that men just don't have. The every move of a women is appreciated by men and this is the fact why they are at the back of these women and feel that they can never be over them. The women in a sense seem regal to them.

Women are soft. They are delicate and not as rough and tough as they are that is the men are. It is so nice to touch a women instead of a men. You feel the tenderness just by a touch. The very feeling of affection and care is felt in her presence. She is the person who can support men and give full zest and enthusiastic feel in them. They are soft to touch as well as soft at heart and makes men also soft in their approach.
Hair. Women can do some amazing things with their hair if it's of any decent length. They can wear it up, wear it down, curl it, braid it, stick it in a ponytail, whatever works. Black women are especially good at changing up their styles successfully. How do they do it? This is the thing which men cannot afford to do and as such cannot change their looks so frequently. Thus these are very few things that attract the men towards women. They can look and present themselves so differently every time and can make themselves liked by men.

The women have another thing that attract men is that they have a different way of seeing the world. Without getting into the whole emotional/logical thing, it is true that women just see things differently than men. They notice different angles or aspects of a situation that most men will miss, and having women involved on projects like: work, church, planning a camping trip, whatever, helps broaden men's view about life. Though women don't always present a logic but still they have a different way of proving themselves which is unique and men get so thrilled with the angle they present. Women sometimes present angles in a very simple way but it might bring a lot of meaning top men as they always search for meanings in it. So in a way men want to be dependant on them as they are sure that these women will surely take care of them and will support them in need.

Women have the best laughs and this can ease all the pressures in life. Women don't usually take things as seriously as men and makes men take things easier. There are some other physical aspect of women that men envy and this surely attracts them towards women. Their beauty form all aspects attracts men. The shape of a woman's sexy body, the smell of their body, the feeling they present are fabulous. The shape of their body and most specifically the shape of their breasts attracts men. There are certain parts of the body of a women that make men thrilled and want to explore women. The smell of her body makes me thrilled and attract me towards her is the very common statement from men. So parts of body and sometimes the chubby women and their medium sized breasts attract men as they do not possess it.

The woman's smartness, intelligence and along with that the maternal instinct make them so different form men. A woman's often eccentric and irrational behaviour, which from a distance can provide men with endless hours of amusement.Women are different because of these aspects and they will continue to be making men mad about them and in this way it will continue to work!!!

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